All Things Return at Night

by Ballet School

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Genius is childhood recalled at will
- Charles Baudelaire


Where is nature boy?
Where is jimmy jimmy rebel red
I used to see your name
On the readers' letters page
Gentle Steven, where have you been?
Where are you John?
Too big for hugs, too old for cardigan songs
You were wrong
you were wrong

I'm all or nothing at all
Why d'you wanna write yr name in water?
I break you out of my heart
I sing you out of my soul
But I don't want to let you go

You're the boss, raspberry sauce
You're the boss, raspberry sauce,
you'll get yours in the post

Remember when you were two?
You went missing
and the whole of our street was looking for you.
The dads went out in cars,
But when it got dark,
Yr mum called the police
'Oh no, oh god, where is he?'
I wasn't able
to tell them you were hiding under the table
With the feet and the mischief.

The chance and the pleasure
Are hanging by a thread
The fear of someone watching
The ghost that hid under your bed

All or nothing at all
Why d'you want to write yr name in water?
I broke you out of my heart
I sang you out of my soul
but I don't wanna let you go
I know what you really want
I know who you really are
I know what you really want
I dont wanna let you go


released July 10, 2012
Written by Rosie Blair, recorded in a live session with Daniel at Butterama in Berlin and mixed by Jonas at Kaiku Studios, Berlin

Lead Guitar: Michel Collet
Bass: Nicolo Foglia
Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Rosie Blair
Drums: Sebastian Maschat



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